Episode 7: The summer of Rocket League

Welcome back, Seriousnessters!

It's just me and Tommy this week, talking about video game and trying to answer our eternal questions about the industry.

We go pretty heavy on Rocket League this week, because we're human and it's what humans like. 


We also pitch possible things to write about for the site and continue our discussion on what it will take to make a couch co-op game in this day and age. 

Beyond that, we also delve into the such tangents as rock climbing, injuries and the cruel nature of human mortality.


Additionally, we're going to try moving this little podcast to a schedule of every two weeks. We hope this will help us put it out more regularly and work better with our busy lives playing Rocket League. 

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As always, if you have questions, comments, story ideas or tips, you can always email me. And obvs, follow our Twitter and Facebook things, because you love us and we love you.

Have a lovely day and we will see you in two weeks!

Peter Allen Clark