Episode 3: The best one yet! Sort of!

Welcome back, Seriousters! 

We're thrilled to hit you with the ol' good news/bad news for this week's Seriousness Podcast. On the one hand, it's our best so far as we cover evolving topics in the games industry and how we can go about answering some of our every cropping-up questions. On the other hand, Our Fearless Host (me), somehow did something and his audio came up below average for the first 20 minutes of the show. It's not terrible at all, just not too good.

Again, this is a learning environment and you have agreed to join us as we all improve together. 

Still, you should listen to it. Tommy, Autumn, Steve and newcomer Mike, join me for a whirlwind conversation about Nintendo's free to play move, the game that plays itself and we talk about Costume Quest again.

  We talk about whatever the hell is going on here...

We talk about whatever the hell is going on here...

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Have a lovely day and we will see you next week!

Peter Allen Clark