Episode 2: Game lengths and sympathy for Molyneux

Don't tell the Internet we're here. 

We're back for a second week in a row! See, we can be dependable.

We worked on some audio issues and some production notes and we gladly bring you an improved, if not perfect, new episode of The Seriousness Podcast.

Should you have forgotten, in these podcasts we hope to have the equivalent of an editorial meeting for the site's upcoming week. Here we will pitch story possibilities and discuss how, if and we when should draw them up. 

  That's Wattam talking about...

That's Wattam talking about...

In this week's installment, we tackle hard issues and possible future stories like whether choices make a game a game, how game length informs an opinion and how much sympathy to give poor Peter Molyneux. 

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Thank you so much for your attention and let us know what we can do better!

Peter Allen Clark