Episode 1: And so it begins...


And now for something similar...

We here at The Seriousness want to expand what we provide to you lovely readers who have made this soft launch so exceptionally easy. A podcast seemed like the next stop on this crazy train, upon whose rails we ride. 

However, we're going about it a little differently.

Our mission revolves around detailing the context of video game industry news, taking it apart and showing how it's related to everything we play and love. So, for our podcasts, we had the idea of getting even more transparent with it.

In these podcasts, we hope to have the equivalent of an editorial meeting for the site's upcoming week. Here, we will pitch story possibilities and discuss how, if and when we should draw them up. Of course, we will also discuss what we played the previous week and get into some deep discussions about video games, technology and miscellaneous tangents. 

  I treat my esteemed cohorts to only the finest hors-d'oeuvres.

I treat my esteemed cohorts to only the finest hors-d'oeuvres.

We think this in-depth look at how we think about video game news and approach its coverage will provide an unique perspective into games journalism. Obviously, share anything we miss, anything you want us to answer, anything we get right or anything you believe we will look good wearing.

As this is the first episode, it comes with several caveats. The structure, length, voice and flow all come from an experimental spirit. The Takis come from Safeway.

Please be warned: Equipment misfortune led to a subpar audio experience and we improved it as much as possible. This, as well as the slapdash nature of discussion, will get better with subsequent episodes. We all have to start somewhere and The Seriousness Podcast will start here. 


Of course, you can find it in iTunes and be sure to seek out our social media seriousness on Facebook and Twitter.

Peter Allen Clark