Video Games Explained


Hello and welcome to The Seriousness.

This is an attempt to add overall context to the presence of video games and technology in our lives. As news within the games industry continues to break every day, the need grows to gain a larger perspective on what that news means. Here, we will wonder how these events affect this pastime in which so many fine escape, meaning, art, socializing and enjoyment.

Personally, I have something of a two-pronged intention with this site.

First, I’ve loved video games since my dad bought me an Atari 2600 at the age of four. I’ve consistently played them throughout my life and over the past ten years, I’ve developed an even keener interest in the video games industry itself.

To that end, I’ve grown increasingly absorbed in the machinations of such a large force and intensely curious about how it continues to affect global economics and culture.

Second, as a journalist I’ve witnessed that profession bend in an attempt to define itself through a modern lens. The Seriousness will be yet another attempt to place the practice of journalism in a contemporary setting. We will challenge ourselves to find new avenues towards sources and new routes to data, hopefully establishing some small journalistic evolution in the process.

The Seriousness does not deal in opinions.

Flame wars and hype-inducing pieces will have no place here. The Seriousness starts from the foundation that both the writers and the readers enjoy video games and want more in depth information.

At the base level, we aim to provide a regular, richer view of the video games industry than you would find in most other outlets. At its highest levels, we hope to infuse data, analysis and old-fashioned reporting together to add whole new knowledge to the unfolding landscape of this multi-billion dollar field.

At this time, we don’t have the resources and infrastructure to monitor breaking news with the regularity of more sites. Instead, The Seriousness has the luxury of taking a step back from the fire hose of news and find deeper patterns, investigate larger trends and assemble what happens in a clear, comprehensive picture.

In short, we have questions about video games and technology we would like to answer. We know you do as well, so you should probably tell us and we’ll put in the legwork.

As of now, The Seriousness starts as a pretty small site and we hope to expand the size and its offerings with time. Let us know what you’d like to see as we really get things moving into 2015.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will swing back by to see what we’ve unearthed,

Peter Allen Clark