Mission Statement

The Seriousness is an attempt to find some depth in the video games industry. Its sharp growth has sprouted a wealth of sites dedicated to covering the fast pace at which news occurs. Between breaking that news, previews and reviews, modern games journalism does not always have the time to provide context and analysis. In that spirit, we aim to form a comprehensive look at the larger trends and impactful events that shape the role of video games in our lives.

Explaining how games news relates to the whole of the industry will hopefully shine a light on some of its more intricate details. Through data, research and reporting, we hope to dispel myths, interpret actions and clarify questions.

At the moment, we will not review, preview or expose news as it happens, plenty of great outlets already have the resources and talent to deliver that. We aim instead for a thoughtful consideration of an incredibly interesting economic force.

The number of video game players in the world has never been higher and they are more passionate than ever. Those two factors spread hype, outrage, excitement and rumor, all of which affects the industry, which in turn affects what it creates. We believe further explanation could only help everyone.